Our Refund Policy

Before requesting for Refund, Please First read all given below points.

We offer 24 hours full Money back Guarantee for all RDP Plans( Condition Applied ).

We don’t offer any type of refund on VPS and dedicated servers, so please get every thing cleared before making payments.

For RDP Plans, we need a valid reason before you ask for refund. we don’t provide refund, if user just ask for refund before 24 hours without giving a proper reason.

User need to be provide a valid or proper reason like, service is not working properly, Server overloaded always, or your applications not working properly. 1st we will try to solve that issue or refund will be given on your request.

If you are not satisfied or happy with our services and wish to cancel your service, you must submit your cancellation request within first 24 hrs ( For RDP) of your purchase/activation to get a full refund. All refund requests made after first 24 hrs ( For RDP ) of purchase/activation will NOT be processed. (In some cases, a partial refund may be issued.).

In any case, we were unable to provide your service on time, or refuse to provide you our services, suspend/terminate your account permanently, we will provide you a full or partial refund (for remaining days).

We offer 24 hours full Money back Guarantee for all RDP Plans( Condition Applied ).


Please Read and Agree Our Rules for Refund Policy:

1. All payments will become non-refundable after 24hrs account activation period for RDP Plans (includes any one time setup fee)

2. You can NOT open any dispute to paypal, your card issuer or any other third party, when our service is given to you on time, if you have any issue please first let us know, we’ll try to solve it. If you do so, your account will be terminated immediately. Your Refund request will be cancelled and No refund will be provided.

3. Payments for Upgrades, Addons, Setup fees are NOT refundable.

4. Only One Refund is applicable per client. Once a client has been refunded for one of his services, he can NOT claim for refund on another services.

5. If you downgrade any service, we don’t provide any type of refund. Only your billing will be updated so that you will be charged as per new price from next billing cycle.

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