Do you really Provide Quick Setup?
Yes we provide Quick Setup in all Rdp plans (15-60mins), Once your payment will be completed you will get your service details on your e-mail registered with us.
Can i request Customer support for installing application?
Yes if you want any additional application, you can request our Customer support staff to install it using live chat or creating support ticket.
Do you offer any money back guarantee?
Yes we provide 24 hours refund guarantee on all Rdp Plans (Gateway charges will be deducted), You have to ask for refund within 24 hours of activation.
What if i overload resources: ram, cpu, or doing Cracking, Hacking?
Cracking and Hacking is not allowed, Encoding and Botting is not allowed on Startup and Admin Rdps, Server abuse is not allowed. If found these things, We will send you warning first, if you will not stop those things or lower your cpu and ram usage, we will suspend rdp.
Please note: you are not allowed to use more than 10-15% CPU and more than 4GB RAM in any rdp plans.
Do you provide additional storage?
Yes we provide additional storage in all rdp plans. To get additional storage Please create a support ticket in sales department for additional storage.
Using Vpn / Encoding / Botting Applications are allowed?
Vpn is not allowed in any rdp plans, and Encoding and Botting Applications are not allowed in Startup and Admin rdp plans, if you want rdp for Encoding/Botting please get Encoding/Botting Rdp.
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